Ryan is a 17 year old a high school student who just started his senior year in Valley Center, California. Ryan plays competitive golf and plays guitar. He is also a National Horseback riding Champion.

In the 2nd week of September, 2015, Ryan had a 104 degree fever for 3 days and started vomiting blood on the 3rd day of his high fever... He was rushed to Rady Childrens Hospital and put into the Intensive Care Unit. Doctors were not sure if he will live because his blood pressure was so low and the fever rose to 107 degrees and his body was in septic shock. His mother was sleepless and full of stress.

The next day, Ryan was found to have leaky blood vessels, and his lungs were gaining fluid...Ryan could no longer breath on his own... After a couple more days in ICU, the doctors did a bone marrow test. The bone marrow test showed that Ryan has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Ryan is a tough 17 year old and has been through much pain but continues to push on. He had to go to ICU again, and his pancreas has been in trouble.

Valley Center High School classmates have a Teddy Bear in Ryan's chair to show their support and to let Ryan know they are always thinking of him.

Ryan's favorite golfer, Ricky Fowler, gave Ryan a call to encourage Ryan and talk about golf which is Ryan's favorite sport. Ryan was super stoked to talk to Ricky and his spirits were lifted. Also, Ryan has high goals, one of which is to be accepted into Stanford University and be on their golf team. Stanford University golf coach, Coach Conrad Ray, gave Ryan a call when he heard about Ryan's Leukemia and goals. A good heart and cheerful countenance makes for healthy bones and Ryan was very cheerful after hearing from Coach Ray.

In October, 2015, Ryan was able to move out of the hospital and live at home with his family and continue his on going battle against cancer.

We ask for Prayers and Support for Ryan for recovery and healing.